Bower Bird Productions 2014


International interest remains strong in Susan Bower’s projects. A one off mini series Thicker Than Water, a rom-com based on the Australian tour by the Beatles; Red Earth, a murder mystery created by Bower and a feature film adapted from the novel Coronation Talkies by Susan Kurosawa. Bower continues to pitch the other projects on the company’s slate; DomDaniel, a surreal drama series for tweens and Fallen Angels a mini series based on the 1985 Victorian Nurses Strike.

Developing new projects is ongoing. Let Go (working title), a sitcom about redundancy and Mates(working title), a buddy story between an old man and a troubled teen.

Susan Bower continues to mentor several rising creative writers and producers through the process of story and script development. She continues to facilitate an online writing course for the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Susan has recently revised the contents of the course.

Bower Bird Productions Consulting Services is including explanation and instruction in the art of Corporate Story Telling. This service is in addition to that of Story and Script Development and Assessment.

2018-2019  Susan Bower joined an experienced writing and producing team on an adaption of an international best selling novel to a mini series for Netflix.


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