Original Drama

Red Earth


Listening in a quiet place lets me see.

When the body of a Swedish man is bought into Coober-Pedy, South Australia, by members of an Indigenous desert mob, the local police are surprised when a post mortem points to murder.

Christian Betton, a disenchanted detective is sent from Stockholm to investigate. He is surprised to discover his Australian counterpart is Linda Bauer, an ambitious, bilingual Indigenous woman with German heritage.

RED EARTH is an intriguing, episodic murder-mystery; a journey of discovery into the enigmatic heart of the Australian desert, and into the lives of two very different detectives. Both Linda and Christian will be forced to look inward beyond the traumatic, hidden events of their pasts, in order to solve the crime.

Broadchurch meets Midnight Sun



“Nurture your Mind with Great Thoughts to believe in the heroic makes heroes” 

Identical twin boys. A boating accident. The sole survivor with psychological paralysis sits in a wheel chair alone in one of the rooms of his Penwarden family mansion.

A diverse group of tweens and an 18 year old security guard get lost on a tour of the mansion and are fantastically transported into the boys very troubled mind. They must learn to work together to recruit or escape from the many characters from the boy’s dreams, memories and imagination.

Labyrinth meets Tron

Thicker Than Water


 “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

It’s 2013. 4 women in their 30’s carve out a life for themselves – a life that continues to be intrinsically shaped by their mothers’ influences.

Thrust together as youngsters in 1980 when their mothers gathered to console each other following the shocking assassination of John Lennon, the girls maintained contact and grew into the most solid of friends. Sure they they’ll bitch and moan about each other — not to mention their mothers, but united the 4 are a formidable force.

2013 The death of one of the mother’s husbands and the departure of a live in partner results in a relocation which lands all the mothers and daughters in the same city for the first time in decades.  The arrival sparks a series of events that brings into laser sharp clarity the effect The Beatles tour has had on the women and their offspring.

A need for a transplant, a compatible donor and ontly the father’s side will do.  The biological father.  The one whose records you listend to – not the one you grew up calling dad.

Sex and the City meets Carnarby Street


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