Story Telling as a Teaching Model

Susan Bower has long been passionate about the connection between storytelling and education. Several papers have been written on this subject but little work in the field has been studied . Last year Susan Bower teamed up with Cynthia Cowling, Senior Lecturer at Monash University Melbourne Australia, to develop a teaching model for Cowling’s students studying Mammography. The aim was to engage the students emotionally and intellectually by matching specific on line lectures with vision of personal stories relating to breast cancer, including following a woman’s experience of having her first mammogram. Students reported an increase in engagement with the lectures, and the examination results recorded a 100% pass rate. Cowling and Bower will present (the) “Use of digital storytelling to teach evidence based breast imaging to radiography students: translating reality into best practice: a case study” at the 8th International Conference of Evidenced Based Health Care (EBCH) Teachers and Developers later this year (2017) in Sicily.



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